Pocky's Peckers


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Welcome to our little farm!!  We are working on raising Olde English Babydoll Sheep, we currently only have NABBSAR but will be getting OEBSR this Spring.  We will be selling lambs, and currently only have 1 pregnant ewe who will be lambing this May.  We are also breeding chickens, the breeds we are focusing on right now are:

*Ameraucana’s-we have 2 flocks, 1 of show quality birds from Clif Redden, we will be adding more once we have grown out more that qualify as potential show quality, and 1 of not so show quality but still good enough quality to breed.

*Showgirls-recently got into Showgirls and am working to breed more.

*Easter Eggers-my EE’s are a mix of my barred rock girls, aka The Golden Girls, and my Blue Ameraucana Rooster, making the chicks sex linked, cockerels will be barred, pullets will be solid.

*Olive Eggers-they are a mix of Black Copper Marans with a Blue Ameraucana Rooster.

*Black Copper Marans-just starting on these, the few I have are from the Bev Davies line

*Naked Necks—just starting a small flock of these, will be using them for a project breed later

We also have 2 pygmy goats that we will continue breeding, 1 llama and 1 old alpaca.  We are looking to add another llama and alpaca hopefully this Summer.